Summer 2017 Work Week looms


The SRPS Class 126 DMU during a Members’ Special Run in 2009

Sc79443 - March 2017

Sc79443’s compartment side seen near the end of the 2017 Winter Woollies Work Week. Compare this shot with the view below, taken in 2014. In addition to the progress with framing and skin of the vehicle, there has been considerable progress in the interior woodwork for the three 1st class compartments. Photo: Andrew McConnell, 3rd March 2017.

79443’s compartment side seen near the end of the 2014 Summer Work Week. New panels are on around window 12 (the one on the right with no window frame) and the steel framework around windows 10 and 11 has been rebuilt. These three windows are at the buffet area. Photo: John Horne, 1st August 2014.


Sc51036 (Set 126 406) in Kyle Street sidings, behind Ayr station, in August 1982. 126 406 and 413 (behind) were both withdrawn and reinstated 8/82 and became the only two sets to survive past the end of the month, remaining in service until January of the following year.

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